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                         1-888-TO-PCS -ME                                              1-800-4-CEL-FIX     

What Can a Toll Free Phone Number Do for Your Business

  1. Create a National Presence. A toll free number helps establish your company’s reputation. Project the image of a larger business with offices across the country, even if you are working from a home office. Customer research firm Technical Assistance Research Programs found that 86% of consumers believe an 800 number connotes a quality product.* A  1 800 number creates the kind of national presence that can level the playing field when it comes to competing with much larger companies.

  2. Customers Trust 800 NumbersCustomers are more likely to call an 800 phone number than area codes they don’t recognize. When customers call your 1800 number they assume your company is a credible, national business. They’ll feel better buying from you when they see a toll free number on your website, business card, and advertising.

  3. Increase Your Brand Recognition (1-800-CELULAR)1 800 numbers with easy- to-remember digits or that spell out your company name or product are easier to remember and can increase phone calls to your business. In the same way that a memorable website name drive traffic, a vanity toll free number can help your business be the first choice in a customer’s mind for your product or service. 

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